Tourist Information and Useful Betting Tips

tourist-information-and-useful-betting-tipsFor all those who have managed to arrive at the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino, this page will be filled with a lot of useful information, regarding their accommodation and visiting possibilities in the park, as well as some betting tips. For those who are still looking to get to the park, they can have a look at the dedicated page, which covers the transportation and commuting possibilities more in-depth.

People who arrive at the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino are advised to take their time and first visit the park’s administration building, where the park rangers will ensure that all the necessary information is passed on and that all those who venture out on the trails in the lookout for wildlife, have all been prepared.

Furthermore, those who have arrived at the park and have discussed with the park rangers are also advised to leave clear details about their planned trip: trails, hiking duration, expected return dates, attractions to be included in the tour and other aspects which might be considered relevant by the staff. This way, the park rangers will be able to monitor all those who venture out on the trails and be aware of their expected course, having the necessary edge in a rescue situation.

For the gambling part, the casino’s staff advises its players to take their time and study the different games and their rules. Initially bet small, on high-chance of success bets and, as time passes, increase the stake and go for more attractive, low odds bets.

In terms of accommodation, those for who a lodge or cabin is the preferred choice, there are several cottages around the park center, which can serve as accommodation and which can be contacted using the numbers available at the park’s administration or by walking to them directly. People arriving by car are advised to leave the cars in the park administration’s parking lot, where the cars will be safe and will not disturb the wildlife.

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