In the following pages, people will be able to find detailed information about the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino, its facilities, visiting opportunities, as well as various local attractions that make it a well known casino and wildlife enthusiasts attraction. A series of structured articles will help readers find their way through all the provided information and multiple aspects will be covered, in order to present the casino and its characteristics.

Having been recently founded, the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino is renowned for being one of the most attractive casinos of this type in the whole northern part of the country. Having succeeded in establishing the park that contains the casino as a national preserve for the ecosystems which are characteristic to that region, the local authorities have proceeded with the creation of the casino administration, that to this day, governs the park and the casino.

Covered in the following pages will be the accommodation and traveling possibilities for the prospecting tourists or players, which would like to come visit the casino or the park and are seeking information. Furthermore the traveling possibilities will also be presented, enabling people to become well acquainted with the possibilities for arriving either by themselves with their personal cars or with other means of transportation, such as train or bus.

Last but not least, a look will be taken at the hiking or trekking trails that are available and the available wildlife species which can be seen in the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino. Those who are passionate about gambling will also be provided with tips for the casino, which can be also obtained from the casino’s administration.