The Annual Insects Exhibition – The Casino’s Jewel

the-annual-insects-exhibition-the-casinos-jewelOne of the most prominent attractions that can be enjoyed when coming to the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino is the annual insects exhibition. Held each year nearby the zoo of the casino, this exhibition comes packed with a multitude of interesting insects that are considered of great interest, for both passionate and amateur wildlife fans.

The peak of the insect collection is the extensive butterfly section, which contains some of the most beautiful butterflies in the whole world and which represents the main attraction each time the exhibition is held. Featuring more than 200 butterfly species, this collection encompasses butterflies that come from far away countries, such as Argentina or Indonesia. The strong point of the butterfly section is by far its diversity, which is unparalleled and unequalled by other similar collections.

Besides the impressive butterfly section of the exhibition, people can also view an impressive array of insects, ranging from common bugs, spiders or even exotic mosquitoes, which all have been selected for their intriguing and interesting characteristics. No matter which section they are attending, those who have had a good time at the casino, will surely appreciate the impressive spectacle offered by this exhibition. All they need to do is leave the casino’s premises and head for the zoo, which rests right beside the exhibition.

The time of the year when the exhibition is held is the month of September, when the greatest affluence of users come to the casino and therefore are in the lookout for any wildlife attractions. This insect exhibition is sure to be one of the main attractions for those who come at the casino and at the park and it is precisely because of it and its intriguing aspect that so much players are drawn to the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino.

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