Park and Casino Administration – Safety First

safety-firstAlthough it might have already been specified in the previous pages, all those who are likely to venture out on the hiking trails for spotting wildlife are encouraged to take their time and stop by at the park administration’s headquarters.

Aside from the advice that strictly concerns the hiking trails and their characteristics, the park rangers can provide visitors with valuable knowledge, which might prove to be essential when people might find themselves into dangerous situations that involve wildlife. Therefore, all prospecting tourists are advised to take great care when accessing the hiking trails and looking to see some wildlife. In order to better prepare them, the park rangers have a wide array of tools and informational materials, which are aimed at increasing people’s awareness when it comes to wildlife and the dangers which an unwanted encounter might induce.

One of the key factors which those who seek to see wildlife on the trails need to account for is the fact that the wildlife present in the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park do not want to be disturbed and therefore are either avoiding contact of any form with humans or simply ignore them.

That being said, if an unwanted encounter does occur and people stumble upon a bear or even a lynx, the best possible approach is to stand as calm as possible and to wait for the animals to either back away or lose interest. Although to some this advice might seem a bit far-fetched, the park rangers assure everyone that this is by far one of the most effective techniques to apply in such scenarios.

Using animal repellents, such as sprays or ultrasound devices is completely forbidden in the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and the park rangers explain everyone that this is partly for protecting the animals, but also partly for protecting humans from the animals, which often time can react violently to such methods of defense.

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