Maps and Park Species Information

maps-and-park-species-informationAlso available at the park’s administration are hiking maps which cover the entire park, as well as detailed data about all the wildlife species that have been identified so far in the national park. When arriving at the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino, tourists can go to the park’s administration building and request information about the hiking trails and the available wildlife. The rangers there will be more than happy to provide their help in terms of providing adequate answers to whatever questions the avid tourists are ready to throw at them.

Multiple maps are available for the tourists to use in order to better orient themselves on the hiking trails and each of the provided map covers different sectors of the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino. Since it covers quite a large area, the park cannot be encompassed on a single map, as that would drastically reduce the level of detail available on the maps.

Therefore, several, higher scale maps have been provided, each one covering a different area of the park. Depending on their plans and routes, when providing them to the park rangers, they will be able to recommend the adequate map and save people from searching.

For those who are truly passionate about wildlife and wish to leave the casino for a while and obtain more information regarding the wildlife species available in the vicinity of the casino and in the park itself. Rangers can provide flyers, informational booklets, as well as complete guide books, which present all the wildlife species that are present on the grounds of the casino and for those who wish to leave the casino and head for the trails in order to see some wildlife. Provided in the booklets, will be the species’ names, habitat details, ecological requirements and other important information, such as the food regime or mating season details.

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