General Information About the Casino, Park and Their Facilities

general-information-about-the-casino-park-and-their-facilitiesThis page will serve the purpose of presenting the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino, its history and characteristics, which make it such a popular choice among wildlife and also gambling enthusiasts.

As it was specified in the introductory page, the Sunny Meadows Wildlife Park and Casino was established recently and it is one of the most innovative casinos out there. Having seen the potential for creating a national park with a casino that could protect the available ecosystems and their corresponding wildlife and at the same time also attract players, the local authorities didn’t hesitate and established the park.

As time passed, the park that contains the casino has gradually shifted its strict rules and became a fully-accessible touristic attraction, with multiple hiking trails which offered easy access for all wildlife fans and outdoor enthusiasts. Currently, the park can be both visited or hiked, all year round and its well preserved nature and wildlife attract hundreds of thousands of tourists and gamblers, who come in order to have a go at the various offered games and to see how wildlife and its corresponding natural environment look.

With a total surface of over 5000 hectares, the park is big and it accommodates over 140 hiking trails, each with a different theme and wildlife specificity. Those who come to visit the park will certainly enjoy it and the casino and will not leave without thinking to return as soon as possible.

In addition to its nature and wildlife features, the park also contains a central area where some urbanization is present, in order to offer its visitors several facilities for recreational purposes, such as the main casino, golf courses, zoo, various wildlife exhibitions and the main information point – the park administration headquarters.

Arriving at the casino is easy and all those who wish to come and visit are encouraged to do so, as there are numerous ways which they can arrive at the park. With the personal vehicles, the well organized trains and the scheduled bus rides, which are all linked to the casino’s location.

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